The Element ATP RF 

Industry Leading Quality & Specs With State Of The Art Multi Spectrum Technology, Why Stop At Red? Don’t!


  •  5 Wavelengths for maximum penetration of each unique healing signature, Don’t Stop At Red!
  • Our German LEDs are rated at 200,000+ hours, other products ratings are 100,000 hours or less.
  • US Built frame, acrylic, hydraulics and control boards which are designed for decades of use.
  • ATP RK system is assembled in a military, ISO and FDA registered facility in California.
  • The choice of NFL, Premier Soccer, MMA, Corporate leaders, and doctors worldwide.
  • Remote monitor access and Bluetooth
  • Selected for the US Marines, Navy and Airforce
  • Superior product sold at a significantly lower price
  • ATP is a 220V, 30 Amp, 5000 watt machine that delivers unrivaled irradiance
  • Touch screen with simplified controls and wifi capability
  • Cumulative irradiance in high 80’s reduces treatment time (5 – 15 min)
  • Customizable color options for your custom facility.
  • Multiple wavelengths for Unique Biological Responses
  • Super strong aluminum alloy frame set designed for decades of use by XL size client & professional athletes
  • Modular Design making ease of access for changes and upgrades as innovations arise
Best Unit & Price

The Princples Of BioPhotonics

Strength Building

Repair & Grow muscle tissue by stimulating the natural healing processes of the body.


Super Charge the mitochondria of cells in the body allowing for an increased production and release of ATP energy. 

Stimulate From Within

Chronic Conditions are lessened by utilizing multiple wave lengths to stimulate recovery. 

Stress Relief

Improve Sleep & Feel Restored we are only as healthy as we are rested, regular Light therapy can drastically improve overall well being.

Relax & Refresh

Reduce Pain & Inflammation aiding in the bodies ability to deal with stresses of life. 

Beauty of Body

Collegian Production  is increased by more than 200% reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin.

The Science Of PhotoBioModulation

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